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Published on March 30th, 2015 | by St Peter's College


Captains’ Blog – Term 1

I will never listen to anybody who tells me there is a dull moment at St Peter’s College because Term 1 has been action packed!

A new look School with the Pentreath closed off for renovations has not stopped progress. We welcomed Year 8s to the Senior School and Alasdair (Vice Captain) and I were privileged to join the boys on their orientation camp – canoeing, surfing and becoming accustomed to life outside their comfort zone. It was wonderful to see these boys integrating so positively into life at Saints and I know that their Houses are immensely proud of the way they have similarly adopted into positive House culture.

The Fourth National Student Leadership Summit, more affectionately known as #NSLS4, quickly became the focus for Alasdair and I with an aim to make the event bigger and better than ever before. With final numbers hitting 116 students, each and every one of us was able to take a new viewpoint on our leadership roles for the year. We challenged our pre-existing opinions on leadership by understanding and appreciating the leadership values of others. Guest speaker Professor David Lloyd from the University of South Australia spoke extensively about opportunities and how vital it is that when something comes along, we grab it with both hands. A group has been created through social media so that all leaders who attended the summit can stay in touch and continue to learn alternative methods to lead our respective schools.

First Term concluded as always with the Summer Intercols. Boys from both Prince Alfred College and Saints must be congratulated in the way they conducted themselves on the sporting field. There were some moments of great nerves and excitement but respect always remained at the forefront and this was definitely pleasing.

As this year marks 100 years since the lading at Gallipoli, the first week of Term 2 promises to be an important one in the School’s history. An Anzac Day service will be followed by a luncheon with students from Prince Alfred College, in Da Costa Dining Hall. This emulates the farewell dinner between PAC and Saints 100 years ago, where both schools farewelled their students off to war. 80 Year 12 boys from both schools, as well as, old scholars will attend the luncheon and it promises to be a poignant reminder of how young some of these men were when their lives were changed by war.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all students the best in 2015 it promises to be a big one. To the Year 12s, this is it! The last hurdle is here and I urge you to attack it at full pace. The whole school is behind you.

Sam Beer
Captain 2015

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