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“The Power of One”

by David Hine, Head of Junior School, St Peters College, Adelaide

In the foyer of our Junior School, there is poster – prominently featured – which says in bold print “The Power of One”.  Beneath the heading, there are three oaths and scattered, perhaps scrawled is a better word, all over the poster are the signature of all the boys in Years 3 to 7.   There is another, identical poster for the boys in Reception to Year 2.  In all, there are 550 signatures.  By signing the poster, which is mandatory, the boys promise that they will not:

•    Bully others
•    Stand by while others are bullied; and they
•    Will report bullying if they see it.

And, as the posters say, they will do this because they have the “Power of One”.

The “Power of One” oath is just one of several strings to our bow in the Junior School at Saints in dealing with the issue of bullying.

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