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Transitioning : From Early Learning to starting School.

Starting School is an exciting event in the lives of young children. Children commence their journey of lifelong learning at birth and in their few short years before starting school, experience a period of rapid growth and development.

All children learn in the context of their family and community and for many, this has extended to include childcare and preschool experiences. Despite these experiences, commencing Reception is a momentous occasion that brings with it great excitement and celebration for children and families. This new beginning can also be a time of apprehension and trepidation.

At St Peter’s College we endeavour to make this time as happy and smooth as possible, recognising and celebrating the uniqueness of each new student and their family. A carefully planned transition and orientation program is planned to support boys and their families as they move from our Early Learning Centre or join us as new students beginning their Saints journey in Reception.

A gathering for parents prior to boys starting school enables us to share information about many facets regarding what to expect in Reception. This includes information about our curriculum and the focus on literacy, numeracy and wellbeing in the early years, the exciting specialist program, how we communicate with families and the use of technology, as well as practical information about the uniform and what boys will need at school each day.

Boys attending the ELC are afforded many opportunities to become familiar with the physical environment including informal visits to classrooms, the courtyard where Reception students eat their recess and lunch, the playground, library and school hall. There is a formal visiting program for all Reception students with a number of visits leading up to starting school that again, provide boys with opportunities to orientate themselves in the school environment. These visits enable boys to begin developing a relationship with their new teacher and become familiar with the classroom and nearby surroundings. In the first days and weeks of school, teachers understand and respect that students are new to school, and support and scaffolding is provided to enable them to be confident, feel secure and engage in the rich and engaging learning experiences which are offered.

If you would like more information regarding starting school in Reception at St Peter’s College, please contact Amanda Bruce 8404 0517 or admissions@stpeters.sa.edu.au

Sheryle Yorston
Assistant Head – Early Years

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