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Year 12 SACE Results 2016

This morning the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) Board released the 2016 results and I am delighted to share the outstanding results achieved by our Year 12 students.

We had 126 students complete the SACE this year at St Peter’s College and in summary:

• 14 (11%) students gained an ATAR of 99 and above
• 22 (17%) students gained an ATAR of 98 and above
• 33 (26%) students gained an ATAR of 95 and above
• 56 (44%) students gained an ATAR of 90 and above
• 88 (70%) students gained an ATAR of 80 and above
• The median ATAR for St Peter’s College is 88.1
• 47 merits were achieved for a perfect score in a subject

I would especially like to acknowledge our highest achievers for their results. Many earned a top ATAR as well as merits in their subjects. Students can gain a subject merit if they achieve an A+ and demonstrate exceptional achievement.

We congratulate Teham Ahmad who achieved a maximum ATAR of 99.95 and six subject merits, one in every Stage 2 subject he completed. Teham is also being awarded a Governor’s Commendation. Akash Gowda and Antonio Perrotta each earned an ATAR of 99.90 and four merits. Angus Craig received an ATAR of 99.85 and three merits. Simon Riddell and Jordan Kildare, both with an ATAR of 99.8, earned four and three merits respectively. Nicolas Parry and Adrian Sarstedt, both earned an ATAR of 99.75 with three merits. Matthew Ricci earned an ATAR of 99.40 including two merits. The following students also achieved an ATAR in excess of 99: Paul Sgardelis (one merit), Bailey Craig (two merits), Riley Ahrens (one merit), Lachlan Randello (one merit) and Cameron Robinson (two merits). Congratulations to all our top achievers.

I would also like to congratulate all other students and there were some exceptional individual performances this year, with many boys achieving a score of which they can be very proud. Some boys overcame incredible personal challenges to achieve their absolute best. There are also many hard-working boys who have an ATAR which speaks to their resilience and dedication.

These results demonstrate the effort and skill of our teachers who motivate, mentor and guide throughout the year. We also acknowledge the care and love of parents who have supported their sons this year and throughout their education. Results such as these are best achieved through a partnership between home and school. I thank and commend everyone involved in helping our Year 12 students achieve their best.

We look forward to the publication of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma results in early January 2017. Please note that a number of Year 12 SACE students undertook an IB subject as part of their program. These boys are yet to receive their final ATAR and their results will change slightly. We will report on the full combined results once they are released.

Yours sincerely

Simon Murray

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